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Homework Help: Conduction, How much heat flows through per second?

  1. Sep 7, 2009 #1
    An iron pot filled with boiling water is on top of a stove. The bottom has a surface area of 200 cm2 and a thickness of 2.00 mm. If the bottom has a temperature of 480°C, how much heat flows through it per second? Answer wanted in kJ/s

    Q/t= (kt)A*(deltaT/d)

    The thermal conductivity (kt) for iron is 73, the area is 2m, the diameter is 0.002m, and the change in temperature is 380. So, i plug them into the equation: 73(2)*380/0.002= 27740000J which is 27740kJ. But this is the wrong answer. I already tried dividing it by 60 and that doesn't work either. Where am I going wrong? Should I use the thermal conductivity for water instead of iron or is my change in temperature wrong? I think it would be 380 because the surface is boiling water (100) and the bottom is 480.
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    How many cm^2 in a m^2?
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    1cm^2= 0.0001m^2. I can't believe it was that simple. Thanks!
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