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Conduction Through Alum. Plate

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    I am an ME with my years of heat transfer approx. 20 years back. I have a 3' x 7' insulated sub floor that utilizes an electric heat mat (2' x 5'). The heat mat is on top of the sub floor. Oh and a reflective layer between the heat mat and the sub floor. Finally I have a .100" diamond plate on top.
    My heat mat puts out 150 watts, 1.3 amps, 96 ohms. Being the mat is 10 ft^2, that is 15 watts ft^2 which transfers to 400.92 btu/hr. (I think).
    This whole unit will store a motorcycle in a garage with a cover. So assume natural convection. I am stumbling and/or confused on the method to find the heat transfer I can expect through the .100" alum. plate to know if my mat is capable.
    I know for the most part this is basic but do I need lumped capacitance etc? Any help is more than appreciated. Thank you so much!
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    Ooops my apologies ... I based my BTU's off a 12 watt mat whereas the actual is 15w. So my BTU's should be 511.5 btu/hr!?
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