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Confirming and asking questions!

  1. Oct 14, 2009 #1
    Not sure where I made the mistake?

    1. for f(x)=[2x-4]/[x^2-x-2], which of the following is true?
    I. f(x) has no relative extrema
    II. There are vertical asymptotes at x=2 and x=-1
    III. There is a horizontal asymptote at y=0

    My answer:
    Only II & III cuz i dont get how one is right?

    what I did was:
    is that the right answer for the derivative? cuz if it is, wouldnt u be able to find x by setting the top part = to 0?
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    You are unlikely to get any help unless you show how you got the answers you are showing.

    Also, for your last two questions, the purpose of this forum is NOT to do people's work for them. If you want some help, show what you have done and we will help you out.
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    I don't particularly mind people seeking to confirm their answers, especially if (like in this case) getting to them takes only ten seconds. I'll tell the OP that he got the second question right and the first one wrong. (Hint: II is true, but it's not the only true statement.)

    However, what's absolutely not permissible is posting entire questions here and saying "Please show work!". YOU, the OP, should be the one showing work! Tell us what you've tried and where you're stuck and we'll help you.
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