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Confused to the max! Re-aranging equations.

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    Okay so today i sat a AS level physics paper and after finishing the exam i looked threw the equation booklet and decided to do some manipulation and i came up with this and was wondering what you guys think of it. Im confused!! :)

    E=hc/λ AND λ=h/mv
    subbing in gives E=hcmv/h which is E=cmv
    conservation of energy...

    how can velocity = 2*speed of light?

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    Just because something has the same name or the same symbol, does not mean they are representing the SAME thing.

    [itex]E=hc/\lambda[/itex] is the energy per photon with that particular wavelength, whereas [itex]\lambda=h/mv[/itex] is the deBroglie wavelength for a non-relativistic particle with mass m at velocity v!

    You can't simply substitute apples into oranges. If you do that, you get ridiculous answer like what you got.

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