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Confused with resting membrane potential

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    hello world long time no see..actually i've been very confused with this resting membrane potential i've sooo many questions but i'll only ask one question for now .at rest the membrane of nerve cell is permeable to potassium , potassium goes outside the cell along its concentration gradient through non gated potassium channel leaving negative charges behind so the elwctrical gradient of potassium opposes its concentration gradient ...okay okay let's sum up... Concentrstion gradient drives potaddium outside the cell...electrical gradient drives potassium inside thr cell so what's my problem? My problem is that it is written in my textbook that the net electrochemical gradient tends to force potassium ions out of the cell..how?it's also written that each ion tries to reach an equilibrium potential where the flow of ion in one direction is balanced by its flow in the opposite direction...so its supposed that chemical gradient of potassium is balanced by electrical gradient so no net movement of potassium ions but this doesn't happen because it contradicts with the fact that the inside of the membrane is negative relative to the outside so what actually happens that potaddium is driven out of the cell because of the net electrochemical gradient. Can you understand my problem that makes mr suffer and think of it all the time?could you explain this for me pleade?can you write the relative concentrations of ions on both sides of membrane during rest and also during action potential?thanks guys
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