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Homework Help: Confusion with rope tension and monkeys

  1. Jan 11, 2012 #1
    So I am again stuck on a question I have been provided. The question is:

    Draw a FBD for each monkey. For each monkey, determine the rope tension that would allow the monkey to begin accelerating in the expected direction. (on a side note this is a pulley situation one monkey is 22kg and the other was 20kg and they are looking for both the maximum and minimum tension required)

    So what I did is:

    Fg22 – T= ma
    T = Fg22 – ma
    T = (22kg)(9.8 m/s) – (22kg)(0.47 m/s) = 205.26 N

    Which I realize is the rope tension for the whole system. What I am confused on is.... I thought that the tension in the rope would be the same throughout.... am I missing a step? What I am thinking is what I have done is found the minimum tension only.
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    I get the same answer as you and you are correct there is only one tension in the string.... it is the same everywhere .... unless the pulley has a mass.
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