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Conjugate of every variable is denoted

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    Hi I have received PM so I would like to post this question for scientific debate

    here conjugate of every variable is denoted by _.
    1.define f_:R3->R3 by f_(x_)=y_, where y1=x1+(x2)2+(x3-1)2,

    y2=(x1)2+x2+((x3)2-3.x3), y3=(x1)3+(x2)2+x3.prove that f_ is locally

    invertible about x_=(0,0,1).

    2.let x_(theta,v)= (cos theata,sin theta,0)+v(sin 1/2 theta.cos theta,

    sin1/2theata.sin theta,cos1/2 theta) with -pi<theata<pi,-1/2<v<1/2.

    compute n_(theta,0) and show that

    lim theta->-pi n_(theta,0)=-lim theta->pi n_(theta,0).

    while lim theta->-pi x_(theta,0)=-lim theta->pi x_(theta,0).

    [this is called the mobius band].give anothe coordinate patch so that

    theta=+\-pi is included, thus making it to a surface [note that it is

    impossible to make a choice of unit normal at each point of this surface

    in a continuous fashion].

    3.let M be the surface x_(u1,u2)=(u2cosu1,u2sinu1,pu1),where p is a

    non zero constant.show that M is a minimal .[Mis called a hellicoid.]

    4.if M1(resp.M2) is a C infinity n1-manifold (resp.n2-manifold),prove

    M1xM2 is a C infinity n-manifold for n=n1+n2.

    [hint.if (Ui,Qi) is a chart about mi belongs to Mi,than that make

    (U1xU2,Q1xQ2) achart about (m1,m2)].
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    Re: Advance

    Is something wrong with normal 12pt black text?!...Your post is an eyesore to try and read.

    Have you made any attempt at these problems? Is this homework?
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    Re: Advance

    "Scientific debate"? Why should anyone debate something as simple as this?

    The only debate is what do you mean by "conjugate"?
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    Re: Advance

    Hi I got this question from private message therefore I posted it if anyone feel it is homework do not answer on it because I don't know if it homework or not even it is as simple as this
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