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Connect pressure transducer o/p to gauge?

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    just some dilemma I ran into

    I have an experimental setup with a pressure transducer output connections (wires).....I deemed now that a pressure gauge alone will suffice. How do I connect the wires to a pressure gauge?

    Or do I need to re-do everything?
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    I'm confused on what you are trying to do. The transducer should give you a 4-20ma output to which you can connect to determine the pressure based on the range of the transducer (e.g. 4ma = 0 psig and 20ma = 1000 psig or whatever its max pressure is).

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    understand your confusion too !!

    The thing is the setup has outputs for a transducer but does not have a transducer so rather than spending the money to buy a new one I just wanted to connect it to a pressure gauge (cheaper one) as the intent is to only know the pressure and not control it!

    I do not know how to change everything and setup afresh for the pressure gauge setup? Could anyone guide me on how I could connect a pressure gauge on a general experimental setup?
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