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Connecting wires in a generator

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    Hey, im fiddling around building, basically an alternator. Well, this is what i have designed so far. I made two copper coils, then squished so they were very eliptical and then connected the two flat coils together with zip ties and made a large coil. Basically, the large coil is the two small coils connected together to make a a circle (looks like a donut).

    Now i take the 12v screw driver and attach two magnets and stick them in the hole of the coil and spin them. Ok so thats how it works, nothing new or unknown here.

    Now, when your coil is made of just 1 wire, you connect the two ends to the two ends on the voltmeter and it will measure the voltage. However, my setup has four wire ends because the complete circle is made up of two smaller circles. Now, if i just twist the wires together and connect em to the gator clips on my voltmeter it won't read out, because it makes the coil a single complete unit and i need them to be seperate if i want to keep the magnets where they are.

    So, i am pretty sure i need a diode or two in order to connect the wires together and keep the electrical flow going outward instead of back through the other cable.

    I have two wires and four ends. I need to connect two ends and two ends together and then connect those to the + and - ends on my voltmeter and get a reading.
    thank you
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    i was just thinking. Is it possible to use four diodes to make this work correctly?

    Say, semi-circle one has wire ends a and b, and semi-circle two has wire ends c and d.

    if i connect 1 diode to each wire end and then connect the diodes of a and c and b and d together would that work in combining the two avenues into one so my voltmeter will read it correctly?
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    I didn't track your posts very well, but here's basic info on winding generators:


    If you could post a sketch that illustrates your questions, that would be a help.
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    i wanna make a delta 3 phase system.

    Now, i know how i need to wire everything together, but i have a few questions.

    the plan is to have A B C and have 4 coils each and i would hook it up like this. A1 -> A2 then A3, A4, C1, C2, C3, C4, B2, B3, B4, B1 goes back to tie into A1. like this


    Now, the part where A meets into C, do i need anything special or do i just wind them together?

    Also, how do i take it from having 3 wires (A, B, C) down to two, just + and -?
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