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Connection of General relativity and geometric Refraction of light

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    I tried to obtain refraction of light by sun's gravity by substitution of sun's gravitational field by aether with different speeds of light.
    I do not get right result. Where I am wrong?

    For light which travel close to the sun by direct trajectory, I get the following speed of light in dependence of angle phi.

    C=c0 (1-g cos(phi)/(1-g cos(phi)^3)^(1/2)

    g=2GM/(r c^2).
    r is the closest radius to the sun.

    I suppose that refraction law is

    dc = d(alpha) * tg(phi)

    Where alpha is small refraction and phi is angle regarding sun.

    But this do not give right solution in the first approximation, which is alpha = 2g.

    Equation for c I get from Schwarzchild equation.

    c0^2 dt^2 (1-2g cos(phi)) - dx^2/(1-2g cos(phi))-r cos(phi)^2...=0
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