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Control System For Tensile Testing Machine

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    I am doing a small project on the "construction and control of a modern tensile testing machine" and am a bit unsure as to where to start on this! Does anyone have any ideas as to where I could find information on this subject, or know anything that might be helpful?


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    Have you done any research on previous models? It is very helpful to know what the old way of doing something was before you learn about the new way.

    Do you know the names of the major manufacturers of tensile test machines?
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    I confess I haven't done any research on any models thus far. I know MTI make tensile testing machines, but beyond that I am a little lost. I have had a look at general control text books (such as NISE - Control Systems Engineering), but nothing that relates directly to tensile testing machines.

    Any thoughts about where this could be found?
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    I recommend company web sites like Instron and Tinius Olsen. They are two of the biggest manufacturers. Many companies will have a lot of literature regarding their products (http://www.instron.us/wa/library/)

    How in depth do you need to go? Are you looking at various modes a machine can operate? Have you ever operated a tensile test machine? I would start with finding a representative model and defining all of the components and what kind of control modes they can operate. Many can perform tests to a desired set load, set extension or to failure. Many newer machines incorporate fatigue testing as well.
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    I have a similar question. I have to design a micro tensile tester as my project. I did look up some models that are already there in the market but I have no idea where to start with on my design. the maximum loads that are going to be tested on the design are said to be about 250lbs. I am also expected to use a stepper motor and its controller so as to give the freedom of using the loads as and when wanted. Please let me know if you can help me on this.
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