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  1. Tiqo

    Electrical Repair of an old JJ LlOYD T20K tensile machine

    Hello, I am currently a mechatronics engineering student, I am working on a school project: retrofitting a tensile machine. The goal of the project is to improve the human-machine interface as it is a very old machine, it is a JJ LOYD T20K, my problem is that the machine no longer works(it...
  2. S

    Young's Modulus of Al

    My Aim is to determine the youngs modulus of aluminium from the data we get from tensile strength test. The attached excel sheet contains all the data i am using such as elongation,load value(which is in kN i have converted to N for calculating Stress) For stress, I am using the formula...
  3. B

    Tensile test failure velocity

    Hi, so when doing a tensile test lets say on a threaded bar and a nut. The nut thread reaches failure and shoots off. How would you calculate that velocity and the actual force that it would hit say a wall 20cm away. just for information the failure point was at about 300kN
  4. J

    Tensile Lap-Shear Testing

    Hi, I am new to the tensile testing and still learning and would really appreciate the answer to a problem that I have been having. I performed a lap-shear test on two foils of copper bonded in single lap joint. The copper broke before the bond does giving me a force of say 500N. I want to...