What is Tensile testing: Definition and 18 Discussions

Tensile testing, also known as tension testing, is a fundamental materials science and engineering test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure. Properties that are directly measured via a tensile test are ultimate tensile strength, breaking strength, maximum elongation and reduction in area. From these measurements the following properties can also be determined: Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, yield strength, and strain-hardening characteristics. Uniaxial tensile testing is the most commonly used for obtaining the mechanical characteristics of isotropic materials. Some materials use biaxial tensile testing. The main difference between these testing machines being how load is applied on the materials.

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  1. Tiqo

    Electrical Repair of an old JJ LlOYD T20K tensile machine

    Hello, I am currently a mechatronics engineering student, I am working on a school project: retrofitting a tensile machine. The goal of the project is to improve the human-machine interface as it is a very old machine, it is a JJ LOYD T20K, my problem is that the machine no longer works(it...
  2. Death eater

    Theories of failure and tensile testing

    Why theories of failure have been developed from 1-D tensile testing. Why can't we go 2-D testing or 3-D testing?
  3. S

    Determining Young's Modulus of Aluminium from Tensile Test

    My Aim is to determine the youngs modulus of aluminium from the data we get from tensile strength test. The attached excel sheet contains all the data i am using such as elongation,load value(which is in kN i have converted to N for calculating Stress) For stress, I am using the formula...
  4. Elitisi Piuela

    Designing a Tensile Test for an Aluminum Rod to Withstand 200kN Force

    I'm asked to design a rod, it is aluminium and it is to withstand force of 200kN. maximum allowable stress is 170MPa with a strain of 0.0025mm.mm^-1 rod must be at least 3.8m long but must deform elastically no more than 6mm when the force is applied. UTS = 170 MPa e = 0.0025mm.mm^-1 F = 200kN...
  5. B

    Tensile test failure velocity

    Hi, so when doing a tensile test let's say on a threaded bar and a nut. The nut thread reaches failure and shoots off. How would you calculate that velocity and the actual force that it would hit say a wall 20cm away. just for information the failure point was at about 300kN
  6. J

    Calculating Tensile Lap Shear Strength: How Can I Determine the Shear Area?

    Hi, I am new to the tensile testing and still learning and would really appreciate the answer to a problem that I have been having. I performed a lap-shear test on two foils of copper bonded in single lap joint. The copper broke before the bond does giving me a force of say 500N. I want to...
  7. C

    Are there any existing experiments for non-axial tensile testing?

    Hi guys, So say I want to perform tensile tests on a bolt, but want to see what the effect of applying the load at various angles to the axis of the bolt would be. It's kindabutnotreally a shear test... I realize that if I had complete knowledge of the material properties of the bolt I...
  8. S

    Questions regarding Tensile Testing of metal

    Can anyone explain me how the load is applied to a metal specimen during tensile test? I am confused because I read in my textbook that after the ultimate stress is achieved and if the load is continued, then the metal specimen fails. But from the stress-strain diagram, we can see that the...
  9. M

    Uni-axial Tensile Testing of Deformed Bars

    ASTM provides standards for testing that's obvious enough if talk about the standard specimen profile; but idk that some specimen ,for instance round bars, are recommended to have a standard Dog Bone specimen but in case of deformed bar we don't have any special specimen. Tensile tests are...
  10. P

    Why does necking occur during tensile testing of ductile materials?

    Why does necking occur during tensile testing of ductile materials?
  11. G

    Why do tensile testing graphs show a negative slope at these regions?

    Do tensile testing machines reduce the value of load in these regions? If yes, why? If no, what's happening in the graph?
  12. S

    Tensile Testing (Determining Young's Modulus)

    Question: Why is it not sensible to calculate the Young's modulus of the material (steel) when the experiments was conducted? But I thought it should be possible to calculate the Young's modulus after plotting the stress/strain curve. Young's modulus can be found by finding the gradient of...
  13. C

    Tensile Testing - Material Failure Prediction

    Hi all, This is not really a homework problem, more of a 'what-if' scenario but I'm not sure which section to put it in. For a science project we have been asked to look at material properites and come up with a project (which will have a presentation :eek: but that's another story). I'm looking...
  14. S

    Tensile testing of fruit fly muscles(IFM)

    I'm trying to perform a tensile testing experiment on the Indirect Flight Muscle(IFM) of fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). The specimen in this case is a muscle fiber which is around 800 microns long and 100 microns thick. I've devised an apparatus for holding the muscle as well as measuring...
  15. H

    Measuring Elastic Modulus of Materials in Tensile Testing

    What could you do to obtain a more precise measure of the elastic modulus of a material in tensile testing?
  16. J

    Converting some data from a tensile testing device

    ok the device used is called a “Instron” electromechanical testing machine. not sure if anyone is familiar with this, but that isn't the real point. ok, so an aluminum beam, dimensions: "ext. gauge length: 4in" "Spec. gauge length: 2in" "thickness: 0.037in" "width: 0.5in" now, the...
  17. M

    Micro tensile testing machines

    looking to design and hopefully build a micro-tensile tester to test the properties of human hair. as part of my uni class I need to design the grippers involved and have a look at non contact extensiometers. Could anyone point me in the right direction with some links or books? or even...
  18. C

    Control System For Tensile Testing Machine

    Hi, I am doing a small project on the "construction and control of a modern tensile testing machine" and am a bit unsure as to where to start on this! Does anyone have any ideas as to where I could find information on this subject, or know anything that might be helpful? Thanks, Chris