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Homework Help: Converegence Problem for forward and backward propogation

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    The function is J(n-1)+J(n+1)=2nJ(n)

    I need to prove that it diverges in forward direction but converges in backward direction.
    I am unable to find any method, kindly suggest.
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    Are you sure that you typed the function correctly?
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    for forward direction we can re-write it this way..

    and for backward propogation...
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    Ray Vickson

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    You need to show your work.

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    The typical approach shown in text is to show that if the solution of such function truns out to be in form of
    [itex]C.λ^n[/itex] then we can say that such recursive function diverges, I have tried the same approach for the problem but the λ I am getting turns out to be function of n.

    I can scan and upload my work if you wish.
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