Convert a moment KNm to N/mm^2?

  1. I have a moment value: 921.84 KNm which I have to divide by a stress: 275 N/mm^2

    What conversion could I do to get this in the form of cm^3?
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  3. You are dividing a moment by a stress?

    You've got kilonewtons and newtons, meters and millimeters. Figure out how you get from one to the other in both of those cases. Choose a length unit and figure out how to get that to centimeters.
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    The easiest way to do unit conversions is to multiply by "1", where the "1" has the starting units in the denominator, and the target final units in the numerator.

    So to convert from meters to cm, I would multiply by 100cm/1m = 1.

    To convert from m^2 to cm^2, I would multiply by (100cm/1m)^2 = 1^2 = 1.

    Units can cancel out when they appear in both the numerator and denominator, so that's why it's a good habit to carry your units along in your calculations, and cancel as appropriate to get the final answer's value and units together.

    Make sense? Show us how to use this trick in your problem...
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