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Cooling a lattice QCD gauge configuration

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    I am looking to learn about Lattice Gauge Theory. I am already understand the general theory, (that is, defining fermions and gauge fields on lattice sites and links, respectively), but am having trouble intuiting the results of such calculations. As an example, the following is a YouTube clip showing the result of a particular simulation examining the cooling of a certain QCD model:

    Pretty much, I am beginning to understand how to go from general principles to equations to simulations, but am having trouble reading the results of a simulation (in particular, examining its implications). I would greatly appreciate some guidance in this matter.

    Note: I am currently using hep-lat/0509046 and hep-lat/0506036 to learn about Lattice QCD
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    Your enquiry might be too broad. Perhaps you would get a better response with a more specific question?
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