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Cosmology Documentaries

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    Recently I've been trying to spark my friend's interest on Cosmology, and thus have been browsing the net for documentaries. Apart from BBC Space (which is somewhat outdated now), all the rest are as if scientists are talking to 5 year olds trying to make them understand with ludicrous metaphors.

    Yesterday for example, I found a nice documentary on History Channel that included magnetars, supermassive blackholes, gallaxy collisions etc. But again most of the speakers must think our IQ is low - "If a magnetar was 100,000 miles away, the magnetic field would wipe all the data on a credit card" or "try to picture the gravitational pull of a blackhole like a river flowing beneath you". These lines really spoil it for us.

    Does anyone know any good documentaries that are targeted to adults ? :)

    Thanks :D
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    May be they explain everything in those terms, because a lot of people watching don't know anything astronomy.

    However, you might want to check the likes of the MIT OpenCourseWare website...they may have some video lectures or something on the topics you want.
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