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Cosmology from Quantum Potential

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    I am not sure where to find people who may understand the following paper but I figured someone here might be interested and or educated enough to weigh in on this subject.
    I tried with my local astronomical society and haven't heard anything back from them.
    This idea is interesting to me but I don't have the background in mathematics to verify these two people's work that is the focus of the article.
    Anyways I thought I'd drop it here as it doesn't look like it has been mentioned and might get bounced around and reviewed or even debunked or confirmed.
    Looking forward to dropping jaws, eyes the size of saucers, and wringing of the hands too.
    maybe some hair pulling....

    here is a link to the actual paper ( it's 4 pages long )
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    We already have a thread on this here: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/quantum-equations-suggest-the-big-bang-never-happened.797073/

    Not going to happen. :wink:
    From the thread linked above:

    Since there's already a thread on this I'm going to lock this one.
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