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Cosmology Phd

  1. Dec 24, 2015 #1
    Hi guys,

    I am an italian student in the first year of Msc in physics. I'd like to make a good Physics Phd in USA/Canada in one of the top 30 cosmology schools(I know some good place in Europe, such as ETH, Scuola Normale di Pisa,...). I'd like to make theoretical cosmology. For now I'm interested in dark matter/dark energy and modified versions of general relativity. (I'm also getting interested in quantum gravity(I did pretty well an introducion to string theory course in my third year of Bsc but I am also interested in loop quantum gravity,etc..) and quantum information but it is too early for now).
    Do you know please the top 40 schools in USA/Canada for such things? (I'm searching on my own but is really a lot of people and for now I haven't much time to look specifically, and I don't know but not all the research is so attracting) (I wrote top 40 to include some safety with respect to the top 30)

    The other question: I don't know how life cost in USA and its regions is. But, is it ok what is given by universities to phd students to live? (home+food+clothes+travel) Or has one to apply for other extra funding? I am asking this because maybe one has to apply one or more year beafore.
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    Carnegie Mellon and Johns Hopkins are probably for you then...

    Loop quantum gravity is probably more for the likes of LSU. As for quantum gravity at large, Penn State and Maryland.
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