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Couple of questions regarding general relativity?

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    It is said that matter curves space and space tells how the matter to move.
    1. Suppose I am moving in a street and there is lots of matter like houses etc, how that matter is governing me how to move?

    2. And why something say a ball falls downhill from a mountain?, ball should stay at that place(it shouldn't fall downhill) because mountain has curved space,and space should exert gravity on that ball to stay at that place.
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    If you come off the street, and run into a house, you will see.
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    It is very very slightly affecting what your free-fall trajectory would be. Of course you aren't in free fall, and the forces between your feet and the earth overwhelm, by many orders of magnitude, the tiny gravitational forces from the houses.
    Search this forum for the really excellent video posted by member @A.T.
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    Why are you asking such basic questions and marking them as advanced? Advanced means that you want an answer with the mathematical content expected of a graduate level physics student. I cannot believe that someone with the background to understand such an answer would be asking this question.

    There is nothing wrong with the question, it is just incompatible with marking it as advanced.

    The "advanced" answer would be something like this:

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