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Coupled ODE for chemical reaction

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    I have a problem.. for a reaction

    A + B --> C

    how do i generate 3 coupled differential equations so that i can sole this using MATLAB ?
    it is given that rate = kAB

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    Solve for what? Can you be more specific?
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    I'm not sure what you're asking for, but i think its the material balance to each component in a Batch Reactor, if thats the case, the solution is the following:

    For component A:


    component B:


    and component C:


    I think i have done this right.

    It's now easy to implement this in Matlab and get the [tex]C_{i}(t)[/tex] plots.

    Take care.

    (sorry, there was a mistake in the MB, i have changed it now)
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    thank you for your guides
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