Couplings of sfermions to h Higgs boson

  1. Hi all,

    I try to find the detailed calculations of the couplings of sfermions to the lightest h Higgs boson
    in MSSM, I want to reach Equ. (1.109) in [arXiv:hep-ph/0503173],

    Do you know any useful reference ?

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    What do you mean by detailed calculations? The coupling constant is in the lagrangian as the factor multiplying the fields' couplings. Or in your ref, the couplings are given by the 1.103 equation...
    However you could take a look at:
    H.E. Haber and G.L. Kane
    Phys. Rep. 117,75 (1985)
    I think...
  4. Well, I meant to derive a matrix 1.104 in my Ref., which comes from F-terms, D-terms and soft SuSy-breaking terms as it explained, I found these calculations in Atchinson's book : Supersymmetry in Particle Physics (2007) .

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