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A HIggs coupling to electroweak gauge bosons

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    The coupling of the Higgs boson to the electroweak gauge bosons in the Standard model is given by

    $$\mathcal{L}_{\text{H-g}} = - \left( \frac{H}{v} + \frac{H^{2}}{2v^{2}} \right) \left(2M_{W}^{2}W_{\mu}^{+}W^{-\mu} + M_{Z}^{2}Z_{\mu}Z^{\mu} \right).$$

    However, in Cliff Burgess' textbook 'The Standard Model: A Primer,' the author suppresses the contribution ##H^{2}/2v^{2}## in equation (4.55) on page 146 when he discusses the decay of the Higgs boson to electroweak gauge bosons.

    Is there a reason why the contribution ##H^{2}/2v^{2}## is suppressed?
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    Maybe because of the extra suppression term [itex]1/2v \approx 1/500[/itex] at the corresponding vertex connecting [itex]HHVV[/itex] to that [itex]HVV[/itex]?
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