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Courses Course involving electrodynamics

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    I just finished high school and i am very much interested in electrodynamics and electromagnetic waves and i would like to study it in greater detail..I am good at mathematics too.However, i don't like electronics, i.e, diodes, transistors and stuff.
    So what undergraduate course can i take that involves mainly electrodynamics?
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    "Mainly electrodynamics"? Closest I can think of would be electrical engineering ... though since you don't like electronics, presumably its not for you. I'm afraid electrodynamics is kinda specialised, and the best you can do would be to enrol in a physics course.
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    Glad to know that you are interested, but having had just a high-school exposure to diodes and transistors, I would recommend you don't throw things into the "like" and "dislike" bags immediately. You mentioned you were from India so I'll also add that CBSE/ Stateboard coverage of these topics SUCK. Just try learning more physics without being prejudist towards any topic. You can decide what is good or bad after your basics are straight.
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    True. It is because of the cbse covered topics that i developed a dislike. however, i have tried to read other books on this topic to get a better grasp like Concepts of Physics by HC VERMA and it didn't make much of a difference.
    mAY I ASK what you do, anirudh215?
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    I have also seen some of the mit end semester exam papers on mechanics and they were quiet easy.
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    Read Griffiths' "Introduction to Electrodynamics" and solve the problems yourself. The only math you need to know is calculus, specifically vector calculus. He teaches that in Chapter 1. I don't know whether you meant Class 10 (Indian definition of high school) or Class 12 (the American definition). If you meant Class 10, then you're way too young to have likes and dislikes ;-). So, read up and devour everything for now. The more calculus you know, the better. Physics is really dull without calculus, and electrodynamics involves a LOT of calculus.
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    Yes, the coursework that complements the online lectures is not very challenging. H.C. Verma is also a high school level text although most students use it to prepare for the IIT-JEE. The physics behind IIT-JEE isn't very different from what you learn in high-school, except that the problems that are posed are more challenging. By reading H.C. Verma, you are reading the same things that you read in your NCERT texts.

    On a personal note, I pretty much despise all of what was taught in high-school because of how it was taught. Everything was geared towards 'scoring high marks' in the CBSE Board and was only exam oriented. There wasn't any learning involved.

    I'd recommend you read the Berkeley series on physics. You can find the 5 volumes in a Tata bookhouse in your area. They start from the basics and all the topics are done very well. You should be in excellent shape once you have read these books.
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