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Crank it hard

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    Wow, just reading through some of the stuff at crack.net, and came across this amazing insight:

    Even earlier, the Michelson-Morley experiment created the need for relativity. It failed to find an etheric medium in space for conducting light waves. In fact, it failed to produce any result. A looked-for diffraction pattern did not appear. The absence of a result is not a valid basis for conclusions in science. Any number of explanations exist for the result.

    I can begin to see how we get these people and their amazing crackpot theories appearing... You should see the copy I've got of a 'theory' that got sent to my department a few months ago. Perhaps I should scan it and put it up. Some choice quotes:

    "Planck has to jurisdiction here", "In this model there is only one clock, no need for relativity", "The rest of physics ensues forthwith" etc. Amazing.
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    Well, not quite - the logic goes as follows:

    Hypothesis: If there is an ether, this experiment will detect it via an interference pattern.
    Experimental data: no interference pattern witnessed.
    Conclusion: This experiment does not support the hypothesis that there is an ether and adds constraints to what an ether may "look like" if it does exist.

    However, yes - relativity crackpottery is an interesting phenomena.
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    It's not crackpottery. There's a legitimate worldwide concerted effort on the part of mainstream physicists to keep their groundbreaking ideas from flourishing.
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    And as with any quackery, simply by stating something without any valid evidence is considered to be sufficient enough.

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    I forgot to mention the evil energy companies that are conspiring to keep perpetual motion machines off the market.
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    My sarcasm detector appears to be malfunctioning - could you clarify and tell me if you're serious here?
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    It's the comedy stylings of juvenal and ZapperZ. I hear they're doing Vegas this summer.
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    I'm in dead earnest.:smile:

    (Instead of being an Elvis, Barry White, or Elton John impersonator in Vegas, I could be a crank impersonator).
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    For tickets to the comedy stylings of juvenal and ZapperZ (Who perform onstage as Phizzy and Cranky) call your local Ticketmaster today!
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    'This Physics is sound, I just need someone to write it in equations;
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