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Crazy Green Idea

  1. Nov 27, 2008 #1
    Remember the X Prize Foundation?

    In case you forgot, the X Prize Foundation is the group that awarded the $10000000 Ansari X Prize to SpaceShipOne four years ago:http://space.xprize.org/ansari-x-prize.

    Has anyone seen the new video-submission contest to determine the X Prize Foundation's newest challenge?

    Check it out: http://www.xprize.org/crazy-green-idea.

    Viewers vote on one of three videos (selected by the Foundation in a previous round of competition) that describe proposed "green" 10-million dollar challenges for the X Prize Foundation. The winning video gets 25,000 dollars and the knowledge that their idea will be the subject of the latest X Prize.

    Any thoughts?

    Personally, I like The Capacitor Challenge, but (full disclosure) I actually know a friend of one of the people in the video, so I am slightly partial.

    Voting is pretty easy; no registration is required.

    I encourage everyone on this forum to vote
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    I could not vote for any of them, the first one solar cell, heat pumps etc i think would be to expensive for the average person.
    The capacitor one seems far fetched.
    And the conservation one is some thing we all can do now, but people just can not be bothered.
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