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Creating Electricity From Magnets

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    Is it possible to create electricity by spinning a coil between two magents?
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    yes , the magnetic field would cause electrons to flow . if the coil was spinning
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    That's how a generator usually works, actually. Either a magnet spinning between coils, or coil between magnets.
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    Imagine the lines of the magnetic field coming out of the pole of the magnet, and imagine those lines passing through the circular cross sectional area of the coil. If you can make any relative motion between the magnet and the coil, either one of them moving, but in such a way that the amount of that field that passes through that area changes continuously, now more, now less, now more, now less, etc., that's the condition that will generate an alternating current in the coil.
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    Wasn't sure if you could generate electricity by just spinning magnets within a coil or vice versa as well.:smile:
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    It can be done wrong and generate no current. A cylinder magnet polarized on its longitudinal axis, placed inside a cylinder in line with its longitudinal axis will generate nothing if the magnet is spun around its axis while holding the coil motionless, or vice versa. Spin the coil around its axis and hold the magnet stationary, or even spin them both around their axes will result in no current generation.
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    To quote ICP, magnets, how the **frig** do they work?
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    You might want to open up a simple dynamo and look for yourself.

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