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Creating pressure with hot plate

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    I'm looking for a way to create pressure something similar to a teapot becoming heated and expelling vapor pressure.
    I want to find a way make a pipe or something to create a force so The pressure can push a fan hooked up to an alternator that will then store energy in big battery(maybe car battery)
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    Hi there
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    and you will find the energy needed to do all that will be much greater than the energy ( power) you get out of the alternator to charge the battery ... very inefficient

    you could use wind power to turn the fan

    have you heard of wind turbines ?
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    jim hardy

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    An author calling himself "Tubal Cain" wrote a most excellent little book entitled
    "Model Steam Turbines and How To Build Them" which i can no longer find. Based on how well he presented information in that book , i'd suggest you try one of his others.

    Author search turns up lots of books.

    There is a whole world of steam hobbyists out there. Here's just one magazine
    http://www.villagepresswebsites.com/livesteam/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Subscribe-Today-3Mag1.png [Broken]
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