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Crimp Tool Selection

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    I have a 24 gauge wire that needs to be crimped onto a bullet connector and selecting the right crimp tool is actually a lot harder than I thought. I thought it was just simply selecting a crimp tool that fits the gauge requirement and voila, but there's actually crimp tools for different types of terminals, etc...

    Here's the bullet connector I'm trying to crimp bare wire onto:
    [PLAIN]http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/8310/img01561.jpg [Broken]

    And here's the parts I want to crimp:

    Basically, my selection of tools comes down to all the items inside these two catalogs.

    Can anyone please tell me if any of the products I've listed will work?
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    The second or third GC/Waldom crimper (on the second link) should work reasonably well, as well as the stand-alone set (this might be better since it's a fusion of the two above!) If you haven't used one of these before, position the crimp so that the vertical 'wings' get pressed down by the side of the tool that has the double curve in it. Make sure you press hard (you may need to re-straighten the crimp) so keep in mind it's fairly hard (but not completely impossible) to destroy the crimp or shear the wire during crimping.

    Good luck!
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    Personally, I use a pair of small needlenosed pliers and fold one side then the other, but this is time consuming and easier to mess up. I need the connections to be small, though, so a mechanical crimper (that puts the two sides together, not on top of one another) won't cut it for me. I then solder the connection
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    If I just [STRIKE]have[/STRIKE] had a few terminations to make, I would do it this way also.
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    I have only a basic (but decent quality) crimping/stripping tool. Before I bought it, I just mashed the thing with ViseGrips and then soldered it to make sure that it held. :redface:
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