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CS minor with Civil Engineering Major?

  1. Oct 11, 2015 #1
    I am currently getting a bachelors in civil engineering. How useful would it be for me to do a minor in computer science? If it matters, I am a junior and am hoping to go to graduate school. I don't know for sure which area of CE I want to go Into but I'm leaning towards environmental engineering.

    I started college a few years late (started at 21) and I would rather not take any longer to graduate that I need too, unless a CS minor will be very helpful.

    Computer science does interest me though.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thank You
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    Is a jack-hammer useful? Well if we're talking about in-utero heart surgery, no; if we're talking about tearing up a sidewalk, yes. Use depends on goal. Why not repost this and articulate a goal, along with sufficient facts for us to offer an opinion. How many more courses would you need in order to acquire the minor, for instance. and What is your alternative? Anyway, without that, you shouldn't expect much here. My best guess is that any computer science you need in order to get your MS/PhD will be fairly easy to acquire while in grad school - if that helps. (With the implication that much of the work-load you take on to qualify for the minor won't be particularily useful as a grad student) (of course, as far as job opportunities, that may be a different story...but that is so dependent on your history, once you begin looking for full-time work...)
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