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Current through Voltage in a Transfer Function

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    I am trying to solve the transfer function of a circuit. I noticed in the explained notes provided by the teacher, he deduced certain IV characteristics using KCL. The KCL on the node attached to Vout did not consider the output current running to Vout, and instead only incorporated the currents of the remaining three wires attached to that node. Why is this? Do you disregard when calculating transfer function that there is current running to Vout?
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    It'll be a lot easier if you provide a diagram.
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    I don't have a diagram of it, but i can explain the circuit, though my question would be equally applicable to any two-port network that has Vin and Vout.

    Its a Vin in series with the following in order of closest to Vin: Diode(1) + Diode(2)||Resistor(1) + Resistor(2). Vout is the node between Diode(2)||Resistor(1) and Resistor(2).

    When taking the KCL of the node attached to Vout, the professor's notes did not take into account the current Iout, the current running out of that node towards Vout.

    I hope my explanation makes sense.
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