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Current transducers application field

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    Hello, guys. My question is related to my research work and I really really need help.

    I am a Phd student involved to the work of one R&D department. We are currently working with a technology which allows us to improve the performance of Hall effect based current sensors, in particular we can provide larger frequency bandwidth( >400 kHz) comparing to the Hall effect based (250 kHz), accuracy 0.1% and while remaining at same price range with the hall effect based sensors. While investigating the market needs and applications of the sensors I have faced with a problem that Hall effect sensors cover the needs of the industry pretty well, so no obvious gaps were found. I am not a professional in the field yet, that's why i need help in picking out some potential industries our sensor can be used, with an emphasize on 400 kHZ of frequency bandwidth and 0.1% of accuracy. It is a part of my future thesis, so I really will appreciate any help/advice. May be you can give me some hints what application can really benefit from it? Or may be someone just can share his opinion?

    Thank you for the collaboration.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Are you sure that Hall effect sensors are currently limited to 250kHz bandwidth? Tektronix' line of clamp-on current probes have bandwidths in the 100's of MHz:


    And I believe they use Hall sensors, since they work down to DC.
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