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Cutting-Edge Physics For Kids

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    As we all know, some of the kids on these boards have complained about there not being enough information out there for kids who want to learn cutting-edge physics without having to first learn the requisite math.

    Well, the other day it occured to me that there actually are newly released physics articles out there that a middle schooler could handle. Go to the website arXiv.org. Check out the Physics Education and Popular Physics sections.

    Seriously, this is real stuff. In my opinion, anybody who wants to make it in the highly competetive field of physics should read these archives on a daily basis. It's more important than reading the newspaper! Seriously!

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    I'm a high schooler and I love ArXiv. I found a paper there a few months ago that I absolutely loved; I believe it was called "Lagrangians and Hamiltonians for High School Students"--short, sweet, and to point. Fun intro.
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    thanks for the suggestion eNtRopY

    Good deal,
    I've used arXiv a bunch but never looked in the popular physics
    section, which I just did on your recommendation
    Found a neat paper on neutrino oscillations right a way.
    "neutrino oscillations for dummies" is the title tho actually
    not for dummies
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