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Dakwti 2

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    Does anyone know what the round round things are? I believe they are some cysts of the bacteria which has been killing all my fish :surprised

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    First, bacteria produce spores not cyst. Second we need more information. what is the amplification of the microscope. Also did you do any stainning on the organism.
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    What leads you to believe that it is bacteria that are killing your fish? There are many other problems that can go wrong in fish tanks, ie, chemical imbalance/overload, fungal infection, parasite infestation, etc. It's not that I doubt you, we just need some symptoms to better diagnose the problem and hopefully suggest a solution.
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    Oh it would also help you tell us what kind of fish you got.
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    I dont know what type of fish it it is

    The amplification is probably 15x * 10x or 15x * 16.2% - 10x

    I did stain it using saffronin.
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