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De Broglie-Bohm pilot wave theory

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    Are there any good books related to the not much popular De Broglie-Bohm pilot wave theory? There have been recent studies on dynamics of the walking droplets relation with pilot-wave dynamics to describe the motion of quantum particles.
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    The walking droplets are entirely classical hydrodynamics, and it is a mistake to look to the de Boglie-Bohm theory for an explanation.
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    What atyy said.
    You'll also find a bunch of previous threads if you search here for the word "droplet".
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    That's not what you originally asked. For what you originally asked, the answer given in post #2 is correct. Rather than editing your original post after people have replied, you could add a new post to the thread or clearly indicate in the edited original post that the question has been substantially modified, otherwise their answers will seem not to make sense even though they originally did.
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    Sorry but am new to this forum and I thought the edited version is visible. Thanks a lot for pointing out and suggestions given. Did help me understand actually.
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    Ok so I initially asked about the application of De Broglie-Bohm pilot wave theory to walking droplets in hydrodynamics which atty pointed out to be an incorrect way to approach the topic. I essentially am interested in understanding the motion of quantum particles using walking droplets principle and thought would find a solution in Pilot wave theory.
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    In addition to the book Demystifier recommended, here are a few free resources.

    Why isn't every physicist a Bohmian?
    Oliver Passon

    What you always wanted to know about Bohmian mechanics but were afraid to ask
    Oliver Passon

    Overview of Bohmian Mechanics
    Xavier Oriols, Jordi Mompart

    Bohmian Mechanics was the first known solution for any area of quantum mechanics. It is one possible solution for non-relativistic quantum mechanics. In relativistic quantum mechanics, its applicability is still being researched, as it is unknown whether it can model chiral fermions interacting with non-abelian gauge fields. Some overviews of the measurement problem are:

    Against 'measurement'
    John Bell

    Do we really understand quantum mechanics?

    Franck Laloe

    The Quantum Measurement Problem: State of Play

    David Wallace
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