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Death and Resurrection of the Zero-th Principle of Thermo

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    ..Quick rundown on 0-th principle of thermodynamics in relation to GR and QM. Some insight on LQC-(slide to 19:07) using quantum state 'of' time in a semi-classical approximation. Fun way to think of things.^^

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    Definitely a fun talk! Worth watching several times. Some people will want to look at the Feb 2013 paper (with the same title) that the talk was based on, which lets you go through the reasoning step by step and look up the references to earlier research that it's based on.

    The paper ("Death and resurrection of the Zero-th…") was on our "Most Important Paper" poll for first quarter 2013 and is currently in second place:


    The poll is still open. You can still put in a vote for it if you'd like :biggrin:
    Go here:
    and look down the list of candidates---it's about six up from the bottom.

    Jul, I actually think this is a really important paper---it says what time and temperature are in relativistic setting, or takes a darn good shot at it. Glad you posted the 20 minute YouTube version!
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    Voted.:approve: Yep. Treating time as relational to other physical variables instead of the conventional singled out independent variable in a statistical distribution is really something. It began when i stumbled on this article http://www.fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/1966?search=1 and got really interested. Eventually led me to that talk while googling thermal time. :smile:
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