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Decay of DMSO update

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    I saw the thread called Decay/Reactivity of DMSO and it was closed. Since the thread was inconclusive I have decided to share my results. After approximately 18 years my 99.9% DMSO has completely decayed.

    When this happens it will no longer crystallize in the refrigerator. It will lose all effectiveness for pain relief.

    One observation was that my cap had a crack causing some exposure to air, which could have led to oxidation and accelerated decay, yet there was no noticeable volume loss.

    I didn't use it much because it makes me itch like crazy and I never found the proper ratio of dilution to minimize itching and achieve pain relief. Not to mention I never seem to throw anything away.

    Not a bad shelf life, whatever happened. Anyone else have older DMSO that retained potency?
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    Sorry, this is bordering self medication and as such is against the forum rules. Topic locked.
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