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Default Im looking for someone to help me read car wiring schematics

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    Ok so here is the deal, im not 100% good at reading schematics and i work 2 jobs and dont have time to sit down and study all this just yet.

    I swaped engines from one car to another. I have the engine harness schematics from both engines and both interior harness. The problem is wiring the new harness into the existing body harness so that the engine computer can communicate with the interior computers. I have all the diagrams and i would require help from someone who has knowledge about reading schematics. I have all pictures of the harnesses and the diagrams associated with it.

    I can offer a donation for help. I have paypal. Please let me know if someone would be interested in helping me

    This is for a Audi.
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    That is very skilled work and almost impossible without seeing it.

    You need about $1000 and an auto-electrician.
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