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Derivation of coloumbs law without Gauss's law

  1. Apr 11, 2015 #1
    Whenever I try searching on how coloumbs law is derived Gauss's law is always used,for this reason when I search for Gauss's law it is always derived from coloumbs law :frown:.could you guys guys help me out by telling me which camfirst and how it was derived
    • Coloumbs law- F=Q1Q2/r2ε
    • Gauss's law-∫E.DA=Q/ε
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    Historically, Coloumb's law came first but it wasn't derived from any other equation. Its an experimental formula. See here!
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    From a modern point of view, however, it's clear that the differential Maxwell equations are the fundamental laws governing electromagnetic phenomena, and electrostatics is the special case of having no current densities and a static situation. Coulomb's Law is then found via the Green's function of the Laplacian.
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    Thanks guys
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    for any physical law there is no need of its proof..coz most of law is natural in physics...gauss law is the technic to find the electric field
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