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Design Calculation and Sizing of a 500KVA Transformer

  1. Mar 29, 2017 #1
    I want to design the installation of a 500KVA Distribution Transformer to supply a neighborhood in Nigeria.
    The Existing National Grid voltage is 11KV.
    I want input from you guys to add to my sizing/costing.
    1. Sizing of XLPE Cable
    2. Sizing of Transformer HV Protection ( Current Rating of J & P Fuse )
    3. Sizing of Transformer Body and Neutral Earth Cable
    4. Sizing of Armoured Cable from Transformer LV to Feeder Pillar
    5. Sizing of Feeder Pillar Amperage
    6. Sizing of Current per Feeder/Circuit emanating from the Feeder Pillar
    7.Sizing of Upriser Armoured Cable
    8. Sizing of Feeder Pilllar HRC Fuse Amperage
    9.Sizing of Feeder Pillar Earth Cable
    10. How many earth pit needed in the distribution station?
    11. Transformer primary and secondary current
    12. Transformer Maximum Fault Current
    13. Current per phase
    14 How to balance consumers load per phase of the transformer

    I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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    Welcome to the PF, Henry.

    This is not something you should be asking for help with on the Internet. If you have to ask these questions, you are not qualified to be on a team that designs this system and gets it approved and insured for installation. At the very least you need to meet any applicable codes in that area, and if they don't have well-developed codes in that part of the world, you still need to meet the codes for comparable installations in areas that do have well-developed codes and enforcement.

    Perhaps if this is largely a charity effort, you could get some organization with such expertise to donate time toward doing this design. Thread is closed.
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