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Designing elliptical patch antenna using superstrate in CST

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    I'm trying to improve the gain of my antenna using superstrate. I read a few journals regarding this topic but i could not determine the thickness of the superstrate needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..
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    Welcome to the PF. I think I'll move your post to the EE forum, where it should get more responses.

    What frequency are you working at? What is the current configuration of your antenna? Are you referring to superstrates as in the following paper?

    http://www.google.com/url?q=http://etrij.etri.re.kr/Cyber/servlet/GetFile%3Ffileid%3DSPF-1066180646552&sa=U&ei=sFjiTuDFGKmoiALL9KnWCw&ved=0CDEQFjAI&usg=AFQjCNFJ7yEZ5Tm2s0DjVjjBrpLkj_tK_g [Broken]

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    The frequency that i need to obtain is 5.8GHz and i'm using coaxial feed. Yes this is one of the papers i referred. The thickness of my ground plane is 0.035mm, substrate 1.6mm and my patch is 0.035mm. By following the method from the paper, i calculated that the thickness of my superstrate should be about 2.105mm. The superstrate that i'm using has an epsilon of 10.2 and my substrate is 4.9. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks..
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