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Is anyone aware of a material that emits heat very quickly

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    Hi and thanks for reading.

    Is anyone aware of any material which can cool from 220°C, to a safe to touch temperature within a few seconds. I guess im looking for something with a low ability to store heat. or very good at emitting heat. Possibly metal or ceramics.

    It would be heated to about 180–220 °Celsius, ideally quickly by contact with a heat element or plate.
    id estimate a safe to touch temperature is 29° C

    In a normal indoor environment. No vacuum, no fans or specific airflow etc.

    Maybe you know of an index or database of materials and their thermal properties?

    thanks for the help

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    Space shuttle tiles?
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    Anything sufficiently thin or sponge-like. A large surface to volume ratio is great.
    Bad heat conductance is useful as well. The space shuttle tiles can be picked up at the edges seconds after they were glowing hot.

    Any other requirements for the material? What is its purpose?
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    I sometimes bake or warm stuff up in the oven on a sheet of aluminum foil. I have yet to pick it up with anything except bare hands.
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    Aerogel would meet that need, but it's extremely fragile.
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    Hi guys first off thanks for the replies, im looking into your suggestions in detail.

    To further elaborate, i want to use this material to emit heat only when a switch is on, but when off it needs to be safe to touch within seconds.

    I figure one of your suggestions can make a surface plate
    something with a high heat capacity can then be brought into contact with the plate to rapidly warm it up.
    and just as quickly uncoupling the heat source should allow the plate to rapidly cool.

    I figured there would be a "periodic table" esq index somewhere with materials heat capacity/how quickly it emits etc.
    im still searching

    Thank you gents.
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