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Determination of the atomic radius of an Al atom

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    hi everyone,

    im trying to find the atomic radius of an Al atom using a few measurements i have. i had a piece of aluminum foil its measurements were [ 10cm*9.9cm*0.0014cm ]. The mass of the aluminum foil was 0.40 grams. Is there any possible way i can find the radius of an Al atom? I know i might have to use the molar mass 26.98 g /mol somwhere, but i dont know where. If you could help me, that would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks =)
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    i was told that the atom is spherical, but for simpler purposes to pretend it as a cube. then i would "stack" the cubes to find the radius of it. so i found out how many mols of Al there were in 0.4 g. and then i found the # of molecules in 0.4g of Al [assuming that it is pure Al] i cant be exactly sure what to do next
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    From the number of Al atoms, and the total volume (from the dimensions) occupied by this many atoms, can't you find the volume of each atom ?
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    It would be helpful if he could imagine the structure of Al in terms of cubic atoms...After all,atoms are not spherical...This part could help you find the radius...It's half of the length of a side of a cube...

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