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Determine if the next number will be larger or smaller

  1. Aug 10, 2013 #1

    If I get the average of the numbers above I get 6.8

    Its seems to me that I should be able to determine if the next number will be larger or smaller
    by the last few numbers.

    For instance the second last value of 35 is large, should I not get a series of smaller numbers?

    Can I determine if the next numbers will be lower and when they may get larger?
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  3. Aug 10, 2013 #2
    There is no way to determine a unique next number unless you give a rule for how they are generated.

    For example, I can just say that the next number is ##3+5i##. This is perfectly true if I define a pointwise sequence with the last term being ##3+5i##.
  4. Aug 10, 2013 #3
    Without information on the rule, probability distribution and/or the allowed range of numbers, there's no way to tell.
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