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Determine the Current of R-L Circuit

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    I want to know how to determine a current from full wave rectifier.
    If I have a voltage source (full wave rectifier 3-phase) and R-L circuit.
    How to calculate and determine the current of that circuit?
    So I can get the equation of that current.

    For calculation, let us determine that :
    peak voltage 10 Volts, R = 100 ohms and L = 1 Henry, frequency = 60Hz

    I've known one solution, using simplification that L is infinite.
    So current is squre function. But now I don't want to use any simplifications.

    Using laplace transform or transient & steady state?
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    Unless you are interested in investigating the existence of voltage peaks during transient, you should use steady state analysis.
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    I want to see complete response of that current.
    Then I want to analyze that current equation to Fourier series, so I can analyze harmonics (current and voltage harmonics) that influenced to the source.
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    To obtain the complete response you should use Laplace transforms. Once you have the complete response you must separate it in transient and steady state response and apply Fourier series only to the steady state, since the transient is not periodic in nature.
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