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Homework Help: Determine the probability the trains meet at the station

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    Train X and Y arrive at a station at random between 8 am to 8.20 am trains stop 4 min assuming that the trains arrive independently.
    1. Determine the probability the train X.
    2. Determine the probability the train meet at the station.
    3. Assuming that the trains meet; Determine the probability the trains arrive.
    :confused: :confused: :confused: :yuck: :cry:
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    Please rewrite that so as to make sense. Also, what have you tried?
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    Determine the probability that the train does what? Arrive at the station at a specific time?

    In other words that one arrives within four minutes of the other.

    ?? You are given that the trains arrive! That probability is 1. That the trains arrive when?
    :confused: :confused: :confused: :yuck: :cry:[/QUOTE]
    Yes, you are. Take a deep breath, go back and read the questions again. I guarentee they are not what you wrote!
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    would like to help but i dont understand your question:confused:
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    Thank you for any reply. I got 5 question from my class. I also didn't get this question. I will go back to ask my lecturer about the question again.
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