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Determining temperature of heat bath

  1. Feb 22, 2007 #1
    I have a bunch of degenerate particles in a heat bath, which I can "measure" some of their properties to approximate the temperature of the heat bath. Like energy at ground state, 2nd, etc, and their degeneracies.

    But I was told that the exact temperature of the heat bath cannot be measured and only the approximation can be made.

    I was reading my stats mechanics book and all I can find is something about thermal equilibrium requiring a Boltzmann distribution and a formulation to find Temperature of a heat bath of non-degenerate particles.

    I tried searching the internet for some more information but I keep ending up with research papers that have nothing to do with my question.
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    do some counting and calculate the multiplicity of the system in terms of some known qualities. then find the entropy and the temperature is equaled to:
    [tex]T=\left ( {\frac{\partial S}{\partial U}}\right )^{-1}_{V,N} [/tex]
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