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Determining Thermal Coefficient of Binary Solvent Mixture

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    Currently, I am working on a science project involving the creation of silica aerogels through the process of freeze-drying. As a result, i need to experiment with mixtures of solvents with low thermal expansion coefficients (so the crystallization of the solvents will not damage the aerogel matrix) However, i have hit a huge impediment.

    While it is relatively simple to look up the thermal expansion coefficients for a given solvent,

    how would one determine the thermal expansion coefficient for a mixture of solvents? (For example, the thermal expansion coef of a mixture of Tert Butanol and Propanol?)

    Would the coefficient be nearly the same if the solvents were in solid state? (For they will be frozen, then sublimated)
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    i would suggest finding dV/dT using thermodynamic relations. might get a bit hairy
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    Can you explain this method a bit more in depth?

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