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Difference between analog and digital interface

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    I am working with two distance sensors 2d120(analog output), 2y0a21(digital output). In those two datasheets, they had written that 2d120(analog) requires analog interface and 2y0a21(digital) requires digital interface. Currently, i am using only 2y0a21(digital output) sensor in my project work. Even they had written explicitly in datasheet that it is producing digital output, then why i want to use ADC converter anagin.

    And what does it mean Analog interface?
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    Assuming I looked at the correct datasheets, I think both are analog interfaces, but the "digital" one has a sample and hold for its output so maybe that's why you call it digital, even though the output is still an analog voltage that is related to the distance. That's why you still need an ADC converter. Calling it digital would be inaccurate.
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    what is analog interface instead of digital interface?
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    Analog interface means the distance the sensor is measuring is related to an output signal that can take on any continuous value in the range of the senor's output. This could be a voltage, current, or other physical relation.

    A digital interface means the continuous values are sampled and converted into a set of bits that represent discrete values of the continuous signal.

    Really, you should just know the difference between analog and digital electronics in general.
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