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Differences between Electromagnetic flux and magnetic flux

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    May I know that are there any different between the electromagnetic flux and magnetic flux?

    Are there any electromagnetic flux in a permanent magnet machine?

    What kind of flux will go through the permanent magnet machine's stator cores with copper wires on it?

    I am really sorry to ask so many questions in one go. However, I really need help to make myself clear on this concept.

    Thank you in advance for the helping!
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    welcome to pf!

    hi vunteng! welcome to pf! :smile:

    i've never heard of electromagnetic flux :confused:

    the flux from an electromagnet (or any other magnet) is ordinary magnetic flux

    where did you see "electromagnetic flux"?​
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    Actually I am looking for a material which is magnetic flux shielding. It is to hold the large size of stator core which around 1m long and 0.2m wide, so it must me very strong and magnetic flux shielded.

    Can you please suggest me few materials in the above properties?
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    For high magnetic fields (above a few Gauss), boxes made of soft iron are good. Remember that H-parallel (tangential component of H) is continuous across an air-iron boundary. See picture of clock in

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