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Differential Equation Problem. HELP

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    Differential Equation Problem. HELP!!!

    Ok I have the problem with the 2 Dimensions transient heat conduction equation.
    [tex]\frac{du}{dt}= k\left(\frac{d^2u}{dx^2}+ \frac{d^2u}{dy}^2\right)[/tex]
    . I can solve it in the temporal space but actually I need to know how it beheave in the frequency space...... any suggestions? i tried laplace combine with a separation of variable but i didnt reach to anywhere.....

    Thank you in advance
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    Re: Differential Equation Problem. HELP!!!

    It is generally the Fourier transform that is used to convert to "frequency space".
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    Re: Differential Equation Problem. HELP!!!

    Mmmm indeed to solve that one in a time space one must use Furier Series, so how can I use the Furier transform to pass it to the frequency domain? i need to find how it beheave in term of the frequency w (omega)
    Thank you though
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